Who The F*ck Are You? 

  • Deepak Shukla, British-Indian guy from West London.  
  • Handsome dude in picture on the right 👉🏼
  • Tinkerer that likes to try and stuff (and mostly fail at it)

Right so what will I learn?  

Maybe nothing lol!  

But worst case I hope it's entertaining for you.  

I'll be talking about things such as.....


  • My application to 21SAS (the British Special Forces)
  • Training with a Georgian former special forces sniper (private military training programme)
  • Becoming a basically trained British Solider (Alpha and Bravo)
  • Running 5 ultramarathons in Italy, Poland, Wales and England
  • Running 33 marathons in 20+ countries
  • Completing an Ironman having never ridden a road bike (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)
  • Training and winning (via TKO) my first Muay Thai right (Rio, Brazil)


  • Living in 9 cities (Malaga, Lisbon, Lausanne, Tbilisi, Rio, Turin, Warwick, London & Malta)
  • Backpacking across 60+ countries over a decade
  • Hitchhiking 1,100km for a stag do in Estonia
  • Doing a 24-hour walk with some friends to prep for a 27 hour ultramarathon
  • Being a TedX Speaker
  • Becoming a Padi Scuba Diver (with 20+ dives) & Qualified FA Football Coach
  • Living Homelessly for a Week in London


  • Running a digital marketing agency doing 7-figures a year (Pearl Lemon; around $1.1 million USD this year)
  • How I became an 'SEO' expert
  • Launching a SaaS app (Word Pigeon) and failing
  • Launching 2 Mac apps per month (Dr Hidden, Dr Cal pending) & failing
  • Buying businesses (I bought two (one is 7upsports), am cloning another) & failing
  • Raising 75k to launch an Ed-Tech platform in 2010
  • Business ventures through my 20s (Deep Impakt Recordings, Gobsmackers, Meet My Tutor, Studiobookers, The CV Guy, Haircut Heroes, The Pyjama Party)
  • Network Marketing Adventures (and pyramid schemes)


  • Putting 250k into a Forex trading account
  • Losing 35k in one day, making £100k+
  • EIS Schemes, ISAs, Pensions & Stocks 


  • Buying 5 houses/flats at once (4 of which I never saw)
  • Using sourcing companies to avoid actually searching myself
  • Getting a 3-bedroom house with a £54 a month mortgage
  • Buying an off-plan student accomodation


  • Having 1,000+ hours in therapy (CBT, Psycho-dynamic therapy, group counselling)
  • My story of falling in love with a beautiful Italian lady (Geeky British Indians generally don't do that)
  • Paid coaching with life coaches, business coaches, sports coaches, 100+ self development books read
  • Recording 150+ rap songs, performing as a warm up act for Roll Deep, battle rapping, being asked to manage Klashnekoff