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Are you thinking about launching a CBD product? You're not alone. Right now the global market for CBD products likely exceeds $1 billion, and is expected to grow by at least 20% over the next five years. Great news for those in the natural products or beauty industry who want to add new products to their offerings right?  

Before you get too excited about the profit potential of the CBD market, we have share a sobering truth: marketing any CBD product, or any CBD brand isn't easy. It's actually pretty hard. How do we know? We've been there.  

To become successful in the CBD industry takes a lot. Good product is a must, as is real knowledge about what the *bleep* you are selling. Consumers are excited about CBD, and what it might offer, but they are also REALLY confused about it. If you aren't sure what it is, and how to educate without falling foul of the law, you can't become the trusted resource they are searching for.  

Dr Watson CBD is a success story. Now. We've always had great products, and we've always been very well versed in the geeky, science-isy side of CBD. What we weren't so great at was marketing.  

Traditional marketing agencies weren't much help either, those that did want our business.

They did'nt understand that CBD products need to be marketed within very strict guidelines, and according to some pretty tough laws. Sure CBD is now legal in many places, and can be sold to those over legal age in person or online, but it has to be marketed properly. Or you can find yourself in lots of legal hot water.  

To solve the problem, Dr Watson CBD started to make friends. With marketing people, SEO people and others. And we learned everything we could from those people. And it worked. 

With their help, we devised a marketing plan that has boosted our website traffic, increased our sales and helped establish our brand as a leader in the space. And we want to help others in the CBD industry do the same. 

How Does Dr Watson CBD Marketing Agency Handle Your CBD Marketing Strategy?

We're certain your goal is to increase sales ASAP, right? We feel you. We've been there. The issue is there are literally hundreds of CBD product offerings and companies who are all vying for your customers’ attention. You need a solid marketing plan, one that will attract new customers, increase brand awareness and build your sales.  

Long held marketing wisdom says that any prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message several times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.  

This is especially true with advertising CBD products. People need to get to know your brand, then trust your brand, before they’re going to purchase from you. That’s why our CBD marketing agency fully believes in using the following conversion approach when it comes to crafting, executing, and managing your marketing strategy.  

1. Cold Audience – Awareness Stage  

The Stage They’re In: Customers know they have a “problem” but don’t know the “solution”. They are actively searching online to find it.  

Our CBD Marketing Goals: Increase awareness and engagement, grow retargeting lists and qualified website traffic. 

3. Hot Audience – Conversion Stage  

Stage: Customers don’t have a “problem”. You solved it with your CBD products. They now trust your brand to purchase again.  

Our CBD Marketing Goals: Increase product and offer awareness, segment audience lists, increase engagement and qualified website traffic. 

2. Warm Audience – Evaluation Stage  

Stage: Customers know the products that solve their “problems” and are comparing your offer to your competitors.  

Our CBD Marketing Goals: Grow email and retargeting lists, boost high-quality leads, initial customer acquisition.  

4. Existing Customers – The Delight Stage  

Stage: Customers know, trust, and love your brand and are recommending it to their friends and family.  

Our CBD Marketing Goals: Customer retention, upselling, cross-selling, asking for referrals, and loyalty programs. 

Main Takeaway

The main point to understand from our CBD advertising agency’s approach to marketing your CBD brand is that marketing is a process. People need to become aware of your brand, develop trust, &&evaluate your brand from your competitors, before they may even be ready to buy from you.

What Are The Most Effective CBD Marketing Options For Your Business?

The ideal approach is to layer different digital marketing services in a cohesive and holistic strategy to drive the right people to your website.  

We suggest SEO, content marketing and social media strategies be implemented in order to promote your brand without having to deal with advertising restrictions or an additional advertising media spend.  

If you’d like to discuss how our approach can help you market, promote, and advertise your CBD products, reach out for a free consultation or to request a quote.

We’re Ready To Help You Grow!

CBD Marketing Services

CBD Get To Market Strategy

New to the CBD business? We'll help you get your idea, product or concept to market in this heavily regulated, tough to navigate industry. 

CBD Content Creation

New, fresh, and engaging content is a major SEO factor. We'll keep search crawlers coming back for more while ensuring your messages stay on the right side of the law.

eCommerce Channel Development

You've got the products but what's the best way to sell them? Who will help you create efficient eCommerce channels that work at launch and are easy to manage afterwards? You're in luck, we're here to help. The number of eCommerce technologies available right now is dizzying. We'll help you find and implement the ones that are right for you. 


Before they can buy from you, consumers have to find. We'll share - and even help implement - the CBD SEO tactics that will drive the CBD faithful - and the CBD curious - to your site. 

CBD Social Media 

Social media probably plays a big part in your ideal customer's digital life. Reaching and engaging with them there is a must, we'll show you how. 

CBD Brand Growth

Over time, as new data comes in, and your company growths we'll work together to continually evolve our CBD marketing strategy.

CBD Influencers  

Interested in influencer marketing for your CBD brand? We can help you align with our network of relevant influencers who can promote your products to new audiences every day. 

CBD Tradeshows  

We can help you get your CBD products seen at the biggest and best of the many CBD industry trade shows. 

CBD Campaign Logistics

We can managing your entire CBD marketing campaign from start to finish with full-service management and accurate reporting.


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